Which Airlines Operate Flights To Nepal?

  • Air China (CA)
  • Air India (AI)
  • Asiana Airlines (OZ)
  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines (BG)
  • British Airways (BA)
  • China Eastern Airlines (MU)
  • China Southern Airlines (CZ)
  • Etihad Airways (EY)
  • Fly Dubai (FZ)
  • Jet Airways (9W)
  • Korean Air (KE)
  • Malaysia Airlines (MH)
  • Thai Airways (TG)
  • Oman Air (WY)
  • Qatar Airways (QR)
  • Sichuan Airlines (3U)
  • Turkish Airlines (TK)
  • Vistara (UK)

How Long Is The Flight To Nepal From The UK?

  • The cheapest flights to Nepal can be only for £540, depending on the season, but they can have a duration of 35 hours. However, flights offered by Qatar Airways have one stopover and take only 15 hours to reach the destination.
  • Etihad Airways and Turkish Airlines offer Manchester to Nepal flights. Etihad Airways flights to Nepal from Manchester last for 15 hours as well, with one stopover in Abu Dhabi.
  • The flights from Birmingham to Nepal’s only airport in Kathmandu usually take 18 hours to reach its destination. Cheaper flights from Birmingham take longer than 22 hours at times. Doha or Abu Dhabi is the layover.
  • A low-cost connecting flight to Nepal from London Gatwick takes 25 hours to reach the country. The stopover can be a bit longer in Doha or Shanghai.

Are There Any Direct Flights To Nepal From The UK?

No, there is no direct flight currently being offered from the UK to Nepal. However, you can always get your hands on the one-stop trip with brief stopover duration. Regular passengers prefer to choose a Middle Eastern airline for their travels. Depending on which is the cheapest at the time, opt for booking a Qatar Airways or an Etihad Airways flight to Nepal for an easy and safe journey. These indirect flights are only 15 to 18 hours long.

Cheap Flights To Nepal With Qatar Airways

It takes an expert pilot to land the aircraft on Kathmandu Airport. Since Qatar Airlines has one of the highest numbers of flights to Nepal and the cheapest tickets, it becomes the obvious choice of travel. Leaving the UK for Doha first, you can hop on to one of the 56 flights per week, which take off for Qatar from London alone. Twenty-eight flights from Manchester and seven from Birmingham take to the skies to transfer passengers to Doha each week. The variety gives the Qatar Airways passengers the added advantage of skimming through the flight schedule to select the best flight out of Doha, keeping their stopovers short. The journey from the UK to Doha requires only 6 hours.

On the Doha to Nepal bound flights, the passenger would probably be boarding one of these three flight services: QR 646, QR 650 or QR 652. All of these flights are operated every day which sums to 21 Qatar Airways flights to Kathmandu each week. For instance, the QR 646 flight leaves Doha at 7:50 in the morning and lands in Kathmandu at 3:15 PM, with a total flight duration of 5 hours.

What Is The Cheapest Time Of Year To Fly To Nepal?

The latest trend reveals that experienced globe-trotters and budget-wise travelers prefer off-peak season to venture into Nepal. Owing to this stance, winter (December–February) is the best time to spot on the cheap flights to Nepal. TravelhouseUK suggests booking your flights in advance to avoid any steep prices. Although the temperature is quite low and very few visitors would be exploring the country over the winter season, the lodging prices drop drastically along with the airfare. Coming to Nepal in December –February months will allow you to get fascinated with the most panoramic views and peaceful trekking routes, which are also less crowded. A never-expiring tip for a cheap flight to Nepal is not to forget to plan your trip. Book your seats as soon as your plan is finalized.

Is There A Major International Airport In Nepal?

There is only one international airport close to Kathmandu in Nepal, which is currently catering to international flights from the UK, that is, Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM). The airport entertains about 7.19 million passengers each year and is only 5 kilometers from the center of the capital. Many international airlines are visiting this airport, even though Tribhuvan International Airport is known to have a difficult runway to land an aircraft. Gautam Buddha Airport, though still in construction, will become the country’s second International airport and is expected to welcome commercial airlines in 2020.

What Are The Entry Requirements To Nepal For British Travellers?

To visit Nepal, a British tourist would need a visa to enter the country. You can apply for the Nepali visa from either the border crossing between Nepal and India or at the airport. For children less than the age of ten, the visa permit is for free. Adults, however, can get the visa for US$25, 40 or 100 for the tenure of 15, 30 or 90 days respectively. A multiple entry visa will require an additional US$ 20. Please make sure to leave the country by the end of the visa duration because the Nepali Immigration Services incur heavy penalties on travelers and detain them for proper deportation. For further information, please contact the Nepali Department of Immigration at Kalikasthan, Kathmandu.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Nepal?

Generally, Nepal encounters five seasons in a year; summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and spring. The best time to go to Nepal depends solely on your interests. Autumn is considered to be the ideal time for hikers and trekkers in the dry and bright months of October and November. Autumn arrives after the monsoons that have rejuvenated the lush vegetation, which is also a sight for the sore eyes as the weather clears. The natural terrain and emerald landscapes are idyllic for the photographers as well. Being in the high ranges of the Himalayas, Nepal has a generally cold climate. The country offers an exhilarating cultural shock as soon as you step in the most diverse land of colors and life. Acquiring cheap flight to Nepal can be somewhat tricky because a large number of tourists are making their way to the country during this time of the year. So reserve your ticket a few months in advance.

What Are The Major Landmarks In Nepal?

Trekking is one of the main reasons many travellers flock to Nepal throughout the year. Annapurna Region has many thrilling hiking routes. It offers breath-taking and sightseeing opportunities and also is considered as the preferred point for capturing great shots to fuel your photographic obsessions. The famous “Langtang Region” attracts more passionate trek-lovers due to its natural terrain. Equipped with a variety of high passes and stunning mountain scenic views, Pokhara is a doorway to the Himalayas. The pleasant climatic condition is another plus point that makes many tourists resort to this magnificent place.

Another place of exquisite attraction for the history-buffs all over the world, Kathmandu, has many points of interest to offer. The ancient city has been around for thousands of years. It is one of the three royal cities with the other two being Bhaktapur and Patan, even though the monarchy was abolished a few years ago in Nepal. Located on a hilltop west of Kathmandu, Swayambhunath otherwise known as the monkey temple is considered to be the second most important shrine in the city. The Swayambhunath Stupa painted with divine eyes is the main attraction of the area. Moreover, one can view the whole city from all sides of the temple. The views here are pretty spectacular.

Apart from trekking, the country has a wildlife safari feeling to it. Swayambhunath is at the height of 1400 meters, making it lower than Kathmandu. Therefore, the area has a tropical monsoon climate. Tours can either be on foot or elephants. The park is home to leopards, Bengal tigers, deer, sloth bears and rhinos. Moreover, there are 500 species of birds living in the area for nature lovers to discover.

Which Events And Festivals Are Celebrated In Nepal?

Nepal’s festivals revolve around religion and mysticism. Dishan and Tihar festival in Nepal celebrates the victory of the goddess Durga over evil and the light of the goddess Laxmi. Both of these festivals follow a lunar calendar so pinning it down a date is a bit difficult. In May or June, the Buddha Jayanti (birthday of Buddha) is celebrated with festive joy and above all, prayers. The full moon shines over the people of Nepal on this day, as fireworks make the children giggle under the night sky. Janai Purnima is the sacred bond between a brother and a sister. This Hindu festival is celebrated in August when sisters tie a woven band around their brother’s wrists.

What Are The Transportation Options Available To Tourists In Nepal?

The best way around Nepal is by flying from city to city. Owing to the mountainous topology of Nepal, it is challenging to construct rail lines, and highways keep meandering between valleys making the distances longer. Grabbing a domestic flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara is the way to go for smooth conveyance. For a cheaper alternative, use the Microbuses to go about Nepal. These Microbuses travel from city to city, even intra-city, for just a couple of rupees. They are a bit crowded, but you can rent it entirely for a day or two of travel to make room for yourself and your comrades. For short distances, it is a must you use rickshaws. Not only they are a completely new experience for a British travellers, but they also are agile enough to slip through the thickest of traffic jams. Rickshaws get you to where you want to go in no time. Bargain with the taxi and rickshaw drivers before getting into the vehicle and ask your hotel manager of the approximate cost of your travels to have an idea.

Which Five-Star Hotels And Accommodation Are Available For Stay In Nepal?

  • The Dwarika’s Hotel
  • Hyatt Regency Kathmandu
  • Hotel Yak & Yeti
  • Baber Mahal Vilas The Boutique Hotel
  • Tiger Palace Resort

Current COVID-19 Rules To Enter In Nepal

When inbound flights resume, the Nepalese government may continue to require specific entry conditions for passengers from the UK. Those seeking to enter Nepal must present certain documents in advance:

  • Certifies that the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RTPCR) test is negative, performed within 72 hours after the first flight takes off, or has completed vaccination against COVID19. (Please refer to “Proof of your COVID19 vaccination status”).
  • Visa or pre-approval document Hotel reservations allowed for at least 10 days isolation in Nepal (if not vaccinated).
  • A travel insurance covering health, emergency crisis or rescue.
  • Document the duration of your trip.

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